• Installation should offer a different aspect of the garden, the purpose of which is unique – a garden fireplace, barbeque area, smokehouse, vinotheque, etc.
  • A pergola mounted to the wall affords an elegant transition from interior to exterior, especially if it is in harmony with the style of the house.
  • It can also shade a terrace and create a pleasant area for sitting outdoors or an area for eating together even when the weather is not perfect.
kovovýroba - markýza sklo nerezová konstrukce


  • Awnings are an element that provides protection from the sun, which is very effective at shading terraces, balconies and effectively protecting entrances to buildings from inclement weather.
  • They improve the aesthetic appearance of family homes, shops, stores, hotels and restaurants significantly.
  • Representative styles are made from glass and other refined materials, cheaper versions are made from polycarbonate boards with a structure made from galvanised metal.


  • Exterior blinds are an alternative to exterior roller shutters. Not only do they regulate the intensity of light in a room, they also have thermal insulation properties. This makes them an effective economic element.
  • Their exterior location outside the window prevents heat from entering the room.
  • From the aspect of modern architecture, we must also remember the aesthetic function of exterior blinds.
  • The blinds themselves can naturally also be combined with other shading options such as awnings.
  • Exterior blinds are usually the first thing to draw the attention of passers-by when looking at a house.
  • You can choose from manual or motorised controls for the exterior blinds, or even have the blinds controlled by sensor.


  • Simple, usually fixed shading elements.
  • Sun breakers work primarily as shading elements, but also help create the overall appearance of a building.
  • They are made using strips of material in various shapes and sizes, attached using brackets.
  • Sun breakers can be positioned vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
  • The sun breaker slats are usually fixed or possibly tilting, but they can be used to shade practically any shape.
  • Sun breaker slats are usually made from aluminium alloys, wood, galvanised steel or stainless steel.
  • They are resistant to extreme weather conditions.
venkovní žaluzie s manuálním či motorovým pohonem


You no longer have to ruin your view of the garden with an ugly, robust swimming pool cover or simple tarpaulin. We can make a sliding travelling terrace for you, which will reliably cover your swimming pool and can also be used as a sunbathing area or for sitting with friends when retracted.

The sliding cover will not interrupt your view of the garden and also has a high load bearing weight, which means it can be walked on.

This means it will reliably protect your swimming pool against dirt, prevent children or pets from falling in and can also be used as a practical terrace.

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